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PlayPointz makes people connect, Play, Earn and Redeem their dream items as well as helping them to grow their businesses on its platform.

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Complete our daily challenges by answering the daily questions to earn more Pointz.

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The best thing about gaming is when you get to play together with a community.

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Earn more Pointz visiting PlayPointz, because we love it when you participate in the PlayPointz community every day.

Revolutionary E-commerce Platform

This is where you get to convert your Pointz to redeemable products/items in the PlayPointz Store.
Our Approach

PlayPointz embodies technologies for people and their connections with the PlayPointz community to guide them through a new E-commerce experience.

  • Build a community and improve relationships
  • For everyone
  • Confidential relationship
  • Commercial opportunities
Our Leadership

PlayPointz is led and guided by AVANUX PVT LTD and is ready to serve users of PlayPointz at its best while providing them a next generation e-commerce app experience.

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